Meet Rissa

Hey, I'm Marissa!

For as long as I can remember, I have always been mesmerized by photography. The way a single moment in time just sits, frozen, for eternity. As I grew older, I began to appreciate the beauty in the art of photography.

My best friend, Jessica, gave me my first DSLR 10 years ago. Since then, with all her love and support, I've done nothing but learn and grow in my photography.

I believe it is truly my God-given purpose to be a photographer. To connect with people and share their testimonies through images.

I grew up in central Florida and went to college at FAU for a graphic design. My wonderful family has been some of the biggest supporters of my photography. My parents always supported my creativity growing up. My amazing husband, Nathaniel, has been encouraging me to start my business for the 10+ years we've been together.

Shortly after we got married in 2015, my husband joined the U.S. Air Force and we had the opportunity to live in Texas, Southern California, South Korea, and then South Florida. After 7 years of service, we felt God telling us it was time for the next chapter in life: Greenville, SC.

“When I have a camera in my hand,
I know no fear.”

Take heart church

As soon as we arrived in Greenville, in Summer of 2022, we found our new home church: Take heart Church.

From the very first service we attended, we knew it would be our church home. I am now the lead photographer at Take Heart and cannot believe the amount of love and support I have experienced from serving at this church. I've learned so much from my work here and have gained some of the most amazing friends and church family.

God has blessed me beyond measure!